This jogger is followed by… a family of deer!

If you are a follower of the race, you may have already met wild animals during your sports seasons: squirrels, lilies, foxes… Perhaps you could even approach them. but you probably never ran with a whole family of deer. Is that impossible? it would seem that no, since that is what is now To this … Read more

Why do dogs hang their heads when they talk to them?

All dog lovers have already asked this question. Why do our fidéles comrades with four legs think their head on the side when the one is speaking to them? If some imagine that our dogs have understood how to make themselves adorable In our eyes, by leaning their head on the scene, they have all … Read more

Why do cats gratify beside their game and bedding?

All cat owners have already been able to observe this strange behavior in their little feast. But what good is the soil scratching around their game and their light? They make themselves forcibly realize that it serves nothing! Well, do you… An instinctive reflex In the wild, the cats dug a hole in the ground … Read more

Why do most animals live less than humans?

Dogs, cats, horses or birds live less than human beings. Unfortunately for us who attach ourselves to these little beans to consider them as members of our family apart. but why so many differentials? The smallest die first In nature, the smaller an animal, the more prey it is for the prey. And the more … Read more

Here’s how the cachalots sleep… and it’s worth a look!

For many years, scientists were persuaded that the cachalots, these great cemeteries that can reach the 20 meters long, slept by altering a closed Å and the other open, as do the dolphins and dolphins. but in 2008, researchers made a discovery for the least exceptional: the cachalots sleep upright! The cachalots sleep vertically In … Read more

your cat attacks your furniture? Here’s how to prevent it

Cats do not always understand our attachment to certain objects of our environment, including furniture. So, always before, when it comes to the feet of the couch you just bought. And let’s not even talk about the curtains! Since the reason can nothing to bring your pet back to the right path, you only have … Read more