Here’s how the cachalots sleep… and it’s worth a look!

For many years, scientists were persuaded that the cachalots, these great cemeteries that can reach the 20 meters long, slept by altering a closed Å and the other open, as do the dolphins and dolphins. but in 2008, researchers made a discovery for the least exceptional: the cachalots sleep upright!

The cachalots sleep vertically

In fact, the cachalots do not sleep in closed fists, like the whales. their respiration being voluntary, they have the meter of the brain in sleep and the other half in eveil. but they have an incredible speciality: they sleep under the surface of the vertical, the tate directed to the sky, like majestic candles. and when the lack of air gets felt, these incredible animals slowly rise up to the surface take inspiration and return “to bed” a few dozens of meters below.

They would spend 7 % of their lives sleeping, their sleep moments consisting only of many and short naps for 6 to 24 minutes.

Even more surprising, when it is time to sleep, all the cachalots of the same group are positioned at the same time Vertical and ends together, which gives a rather fascinating underwater show, as you can see in the video below. We almost feel like we’re facing menhirsâ!

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