This jogger is followed by… a family of deer!

If you are a follower of the race, you may have already met wild animals during your sports seasons: squirrels, lilies, foxes… Perhaps you could even approach them. but you probably never ran with a whole family of deer. Is that impossible? it would seem that no, since that is what is now To this American…

A memorable sports event

Jared wein, who lives in the michigan, in the United States is usually running in his neighborhood every week. The latter, which is apparently green, is not uncommon to cross wild animals. so, when on a forest path on its itinerary of course it sees threeâ, it is amazed but not really surprised.

On the other hand, when he continues his way and realizes that the deer follows him, he does not believe his eyes. Solit footballing then turns into a team sport. Indeed, for totally unknown reasons, the evidence started after it for about half a kilometer.

“I had to film the scene, if not I knew that no one would believe me,” said jared to the dodo.

The most insane thing is that the deer sits on the rhythm of jared: when he gets up, they get up, when he slows down, they slow down.

Finally, as suddenly as when they started To follow jared, the three deer suddenly stopped this crazy race and left the main street to go to a quieter street.

But, fortunately, there is still this incredible adventure a video with really beautiful images:

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