Why do cats gratify beside their game and bedding?

All cat owners have already been able to observe this strange behavior in their little feast. But what good is the soil scratching around their game and their light? They make themselves forcibly realize that it serves nothing! Well, do you…

An instinctive reflex

In the wild, the cats dug a hole in the ground to bury the remains of their prey. Is it because our little hairballs? Would it be a way for them to create a reservation for the day?

In fact, cats only eat fresh food. Thus, by camouflagening the smell caused by these remains, they only wish to avoid attracting the preachers. It is therefore a way for them not to get crooked and so to stay alive.

Deposed pheromones

When your cat scratches around its game, on the tiles, it knows that it will not be covered with earth, but it also knows that there are pheromones that allow it to mark its territory.

Indeed, these pheromones are found between its pads and are released when scratches or rubs. If, by chance, another cat came near his game, he would feel the substances put down and know that he ventures into territory already conquered.

Now, when your cat comes to sniff the place that it has gone, you will know that it is to make sure that the odors caused by its food or its needs are not detectable.

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