Why do dogs hang their heads when they talk to them?

All dog lovers have already asked this question. Why do our fidéles comrades with four legs think their head on the side when the one is speaking to them?

If some imagine that our dogs have understood how to make themselves adorable In our eyes, by leaning their head on the scene, they have all false. Dogs are unable to play comity unlike humans.

A way to understand us

In fact, the dogs lean the tate on the side for several reasons. First, the first reason is purely physiological. In fact, dogs have a longer or less long snout that keeps them from contemplating our faces in the face of us.

Without all the facial information we unintentionally communicate to them, they have more difficulty understanding us. So they look at the head to better observe our face in order to understand what we tell them. The more dogs have, the less they incline the head, because the less it barges them to see us.

A mark of empathy

If your dog often leans the head on the side, it is that it shows a lot of empathy towards you. That means that he is at your side and that he knows that what you say is important. So it will do so all the more when you celebrate it or when you grumble.

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