Why do most animals live less than humans?

Dogs, cats, horses or birds live less than human beings. Unfortunately for us who attach ourselves to these little beans to consider them as members of our family apart. but why so many differentials?

The smallest die first

In nature, the smaller an animal, the more prey it is for the prey. And the more he could get eaten, the less he lives for a long time.

So, mice or insects live very little time, because of their many enemies. On the other hand, animals a little bigger like dogs or cats can easily live about fifteen years and .

As for whales, elephants or men, they have enough energy to protect themselves from aging and therefore live longer.

Indeed, their slower growth, they have a great deal of time to reproduce to perpetuate the hope, unlike the smallest ones who have to die and who thus put all their energy in this house.

So, big animals make logically less waste than small animals. For example, a female gorilla will have three or four small in her life while a spleen may have a hundred.

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